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>>If you check out and, you will find reports of police cars
>>outside polling centers in mainly black communities in Florida ticketing people
>>who showed up to vote for minor offenses, intimidating african-americans...a so
>>called "computer glitch" which gave the Socialist candidate -- who was polling
>>literally 1 or 2 votes in every other county -- nearly 10,000 votes in *one
>>county* that may have been for Gore...
>James Harris, the Socialist candidate in question, has 589 votes
>in the tally from  I was monitoring this tally fairly
>continuously last night as it became clear that the election would
>be decided in Florida, and I never saw any large number of votes
>for this candidate.  I wonder where CBS got this "interesting"
>factoid that he got 10,000 votes in one county?
>>Not to mention the GOP calls to older people telling them they couldn't vote
>>unless they *specifically registered* for this election, and best of all, the
>>call that THEY GOT ON TAPE AND GAVE TO THE FBI from a GOP phone bank saying
>>that people had to bring their voter registration cards with them to be
>>eligible to vote, and if they didn't, it could cause them legal trouble.
>None... Not one... of these accusations from the ABC web page
>were anywhere near Florida, so they have zippo to do with the
>results in Florida.
>>We're looking here at some massively serious allegations of vote fraud,
>>intimidation, and more.
>>The GOP has literally tried to steal the election.
>I seriously doubt it.  
>It's called "projection", accusing someone else for doing what
>you're doing.  Like Londo and the little technomage home movie in
>Sheridan's office.  The Democrats have pulled and continue to pull
>these sorts of stunts, with the greater success that comes from
>long practice.  On the other side, there are the non-citizens who
>have been receiving Voter ID cards from the Democrat Party in the
>mail, the Wisconsin votes bought from winos with a few packs of
>cigarettes, and most despicably, the Clinton administration's
>unsucessful attempt to disenfranchise all the active duty military
>people who are stationed outside the US by keeping them from
>getting absentee ballots.
>I think it will utterly hilarious if the final vote that clinches
>Florida for Bush is from one of those Navy guys whose mother had
>to raise several kinds of Hell with some Congressmen and Admirals
>before her son was able to obtain an absentee ballot.
>By the way, you didn't mention this one, but the so-called "confusing"
>ballot that they're claming "tricked" a bunch of Gore voters into
>voting for Buchanan...
>Here's a much better picture than the one on ABC's web page:

My U.S. History professor today drew a picture of the ballot on the
board and said, "Anyone for meant to vote for Gore and voted for
Buchanan is just a moron." I would say anyone that would vote for
Buchanan for any reason is a moron, but I digress. 
>I'm sorry, but anyone who can't figure this one out has no
>business voting.  Or driving.
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>My U.S. History professor today drew a picture of the ballot on the
>board and said, "Anyone for meant to vote for Gore and voted for
>Buchanan is just a moron." I would say anyone that would vote for
>Buchanan for any reason is a moron, but I digress. 

Your professor is intolerant, especially given the fact that a great number of
those voters, by demographic, were older, senior citizens -- many retirees in a
heavily jewish-population area -- and when you hit a certain age, things become
more problematic.  I have a relative for whom I recently bought a tape player
so she can listen to music, and had to find a very simple one because she
wouldn't be able to handle anything more complicated than a big STOP and STOP

Let's come back to your professor when he's 75 and see if he still thinks
people who make mistakes like this are morons.


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