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[Damn, this'll probably be burried (sp?) amongst the 42 billion
political posts, but what the hell.]

A few months ago (07/04/2000) JMS said:
"One of the niftiest B5 items to come down the pike lately is the HUGE
pewter B5 station you can find over at  They put in a
LOT of work making this thing just right, and the work shows.  They're
also going to be coming out with a Starfury and other ships.  They're
totally gorgeous, pewter and silver, and you have to see 'em to
understand why I'm so jazzed.
"I don't usually go out and flog for the licensees, but this one is real

I finally got mine Friday and it is nifty, but I do have a couple of...
uh, things to point out.

I  wouldn't exactly call it "huge"; 25cm long, and with stand, 15cm high
(around 3cm at the station's greatest diameter).

It is made of pewter, yes, but the silver parts are more like aluminum
foil plated with the thinnest layer of silver they could possibly make.
(Yes, in the ads it does say "silver plated," but it doesn't say "cheap
silver plated.") And you have to insert those same "silver" parts
(which, in this case are the solar panels/heat diffusers) into holes
which aren't to terribly tight... the slightest bump knocks out some of
the ones hanging down, but that can be fixed with glue.
Overall, though, it is still nifty, very much like the station we see on
tv, and very visually attractive.  As for it's hefty price (I got mine
for a little over $150 from a dealer; I've seen it for considerably more
elsewhere), it's worth it if you can afford it.

My trey-fiddy.

     -The Jeff

Sheridan:"So how did you find out all of this?"
Bester:"I'm a telepath.  Work it out." <*>

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>I  wouldn't exactly call it "huge"; 25cm long, and with stand, 15cm high
>(around 3cm at the station's greatest diameter).

Well, you know how guys always talk....

And compared with the other pewter B5 items out there, it's still pretty damn

Feeling vaguely insecure at the moment with all this talk....


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