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Greetings JMS,

For about a year ago I have discovered the phenomenon called fan-fiction
as an educational tool for learning to write in a foreign language that English
is for me; my native language is Dutch.
Vantu with his complex personality is an excellent subject to write about.
First, I have done some ^Ñresearch^Ò by reconstructing his past and by figuring
out his motives behind his ^Ñevil^Ò actions and second I am planning to make usage
of those discoveries into writing fan-fictions.

However, I came across a dilemma that is standing in my way.
I feel reluctant by ^Ñtoying^Ò or ^Ñfooling^Ò around with someone else^Òs
brainchild and I have the gut feeling that my writing will uncover, that what you
wanted to uncover by yourself if the JatWW series had not ended abruptly and
had more seasons than one.

What do you think I should do, and what is your opinion in writing fan-fiction?


Where There Is Light, There Is Shadow
Where There Is No More Light, There Is No More Shadow
Only Darkness Remains
I Stand Between The Monster Minds And The Lightning League
I Stand Between The Darkness And The Light
I Am Shadow
For The Destruction Of The Black Light, I Am Vantu

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You must understand that I have nothing to do legally with Jayce; it was a
series on which I was employed, and wrote, but I am not the rights holder, nor
do I have any current information about same.  So I am in really no position to
comment on Jayce fanfic.

In terms of B5 fanfic, I've always asked that it basically be kept away from
where I can see it by stumbling across it.  There are sites where it's
available, but I don't go there, and it's kept out of the places where I *do*
go, all for legal reasons.


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