Spider-Man Intentions

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04 Oct 00 09:15, Claudia Mastroianni wrote to All:

 CM> Scott Johnson <scottdj at news.eecs.umich.edu> wrote:
 CM> : My main problem is that he has basically two different faces -- 
 CM> one male, one female.  The only way he seems to be able to 
 CM> differentiate the characters is by the color of their hair and 
 CM> clothes.

I've had a few problems with that one myself.  It's a lot more dramatic when
you focus on someone the reader didn't expect to see, and the reader knows
who that someone is... :(

 CM> Man, I thought it was just me!  I thought that because I'm not a 
 CM> Real Comics Fan (there are comics I'm rabid about, but they're few 
 CM> and far between and the

For an example of how it SHOULD be done take a look at early Elfquest; when
Wendy Pini started out one of the first things she did was make sure each
character had an individual face and general look as well as personality. 
It's not hard to tell them apart at all, and given the number of characters
she had in that story this is a Very Good Thing. :->

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In response to those who've asked about my plans for The Amazing Spider-Man,
you can find the info in the next installment of my column at psycomic.com,
which goes up on Monday.


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