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Marcus Vowell shaped the electrons to say:

>If Fred Astaire could do Battlestar
>Galactica, I think we could get Paddy-boy
>on a B5 project.  Maybe it's just

Well, Battlestar Galactica had the highest budget of any TV show up to that
point, whereas B5 and Crusade were both done on a shoestring budget.  Also,
Astaire did BSG because his young (nephew? Grandson? I forget at the moment)
was a fan and asked him to be on it.  I believe it was his last role, sadly

BSG also had Lloyd Bridges as a guest star, by the way.  On the other hand, B5
had Martin Sheen, although that was also supposedly a "labor of love" role.  

But considering how bad Sheen was in "River of Souls", to my dying day I will
insist it was actually his brother Joe Estevez impersonating him and picking 
his paycheck.  

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Just came across's kinda fun....


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