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I just read your "mission statement" for The Amazing Spider-Man on  I'm hoping you'll understand that the following is the
highest compliment I can pay to someone who seems to remember that giddy,
electric-feeling an 8-year old has when he picks up his first super-hero
comic.  When his eyes falls on the bright, primary colors of the artwork and
opens a Universe that he can call his own that doesn't belong to his
parents, or necessarily to his older siblings.  That Universe that to
outsiders appears simple and childish, but holds a hidden depth of maturity
and life-lessons that the older folks just never seemed to see.  That
Universe you grow up with and love until is becomes part of the fabric of
your childhood and adolescence.

This is going to sound strange, but it's from the heart and it is the
highest compliment I can give:  You make comics that don't suck.

Travers Naran: Computer Programmer & P/T Meddler In Time & Space
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, North America, Earth, yada, yada

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> You make comics that don't suck.

At last I have my epitath.


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