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Never have I been as anxious for a new writer taking on an existing property
as I am over you taking on The Amazing Spider-Man.  Since I was 4 or 5 years
old, Spider-Man has been my favorite comic book character.  The cartoons and
comics I read as a kid hooked me onto the entire comic book medium and I
even spent about 6 years managing a comic shop.  As much as I love the
character, I haven't been able to stomach reading any of the books for about
5 years now.  In fact, the only comics I read anymore are Rising Stars and
Midnight Nation, and I am extremely excited to hear you'll be writing
Spider-Man as well.  I have total faith that you'll bring back the depth and
realism of character that attracted me to him and the supporting cast in the
first place, not to mention the wonderful plots I'm sure you'll weave.  If
it feels this good *anticipating* Spider-Man, it's going to feel even better
to actually enjoy the books and the character again.  You brought us
something new and wonderful with Babylon 5, now you're making something old
wonderful again.  So thanks.

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Thanks; I think the book is going to be pretty cool, actually.


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