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Spoilers Warning: (as if anyone who didn't want the series spoiled would be
foolish enough to read this thread)

There's some great fun stuff throughout, and every episode has at least one
knockout scene in my book, but off the top of my head and in no particular
order... and I'll add that some are favorites because of the whole of the
story, not just 'how does it stand on its own'...

The destruction of the station in Sleeping In Light because the couple of
times I've seen it, I thought I'd die of emotional overload...

Delenn hugging that pillow...

The scene in A View From The Gallery where Franklin is taking inventory of
the dead and behind him in glorious neon is 'Welcome to Babylon 5'.

Kosh's death scene. I remember saying 'What are we gonna do now??!!!' and
then a couple of beats later realizing I was fine and it was not real.

Lochley saying her password in 'Day of the Dead'.

Delenn revealing all to Sheridan and she's talking about the First Ones and
how one of them is still around and Sheridan going 'Who?' and guess who is
standing right there between them...

Marcus and Neroon in Medlab after Marcus stands his ground on Delenn's
behalf... Marcus' line and Neroon's laugh.

"What do you want you moon-faced assasin of joy!"

Both of the 'wave' scenes.

Delenn and Ivanova in the elevator and as the door closes 'I've been having
these cramps'.

Londo and G'kar trapped in the elevator.  "help. help"

G'kar busting those shackles.

Londo walking by himself on his inaugeration day.

G'kar explaining to Sakai about what she saw using the ant as the example.

The last scene in 'Deconstuction of Falling Stars'

The last scene in the episode before that. Delenn talking about the Drakh
war, the Telepath War.

The final credits to Sleeping In Light.

Faith Manages.

Oh, I could just go on and on, but that's enough....


- jim
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> > <thinks>....that would be all of them then.

> LOL yes it would! I was referring to the "be somewhere else" one

I disagree. That scene is really compelling only in terms of the whole
episode. To view it alone would fall flat.

More options for number 8:
"I am an EarthForce officer. I do not take demands, only requests."

"Very well, then. I request [an open channel...]"

"Request denied! Have a nice day!"
"No Boom today. Boom tomorrow. [etc...]"
The Ivanova/Zathras scene, which always sends me to the floor.


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The problem is that individual scenes won't work.  Those scenes work because
they function within a context...when Delenn breaks the Grey Council staff, we
know what it means, what it costs her, and what it's setting in motion. 
Without that background, the scene is meaningless.

It's like recommending random pages out of Gone With the Wind....


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