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Hi Joe,

You just said in another note, if you keep going at what you want stuff
happens! Well, it is true. After seeing you make it crystal clear that
individuals mustn't wait for others to act when we notice a problem my
natural tendency not to settle for the set answer led me to pursue an
issue. Since I only run computers via headwand a Web browser (or any
program) with well placed keyboard commands is a must. Views vary on what
constitutes easy to run keyboard commands, yet the issue has final been
brought into the light with usability being the prime factor instead of
proclaimed commitment. eWeek did a terrific article, by
Alan Joch, showing how Opera Software's browser is much more
usable via keyboard than MS IE. If you have time please download & read
about it on page 54
this is the long term link to download the whole magazine
this link to the particular part of the magazine only lasts a week.

The article is a very neat beginning that shows individuals will be heard.
If we all care for each as you've had your characters say we should the
"dawn of the third age" could be now! All we have to do is take the hint &

Best Regards,

-> "I don't need to stand to talk, to advise, & to generally make a pain in
the ass out of myself." Dr. Stephen Franklin, "Babylon 5": 'Shadow Dancing'

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Excellent, congratulations.


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