Rising Stars vs. X-Men

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I'm glad JMS got the movie deal with respect to Rising Stars.  Looking forward
to it.


Obviously,  MGM is hopping on the bandwagon, so to speak, due to the monumental
success of the X-Men movie.  Financially,  X-Men has done very well. But it is
a known quanitity that has existed for a very long time.

As much as I have enjoyed the Rising Stars comic to date,  I am surprised that
the suits at MGM are willing to take the risk.  Rising Stars is extremely new
and doesn't have the broad, long standing fan base that X-Men has.  Many people
that have never picked up and X-Men comic know what it is and who they are. 
That is a BIG advantage.  How many of your average "Joes" have even heard of
"Rising Stars"?

I think I understand that the big wigs at MGM are hoping to market a kind of
X-Men-like movie, capitalizing on the success of said movie and franchise.  But
I'm surprised that they haven't seemed to consider the potential pitfalls from
a marketing standpoint,  since the biggest issue is ALWAYS $$$$$$'s.

Don't get me wrong -- It will probably be a great movie with fantastic writing
-- potentially it could far surpass the X-Men movie in the areas of
storytelling and character development.  (JMS will see to that.)

But don't you think it is a risk -- even if it is a calculated one?

Just curious.


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>But don't you think it is a risk -- even if it is a calculated one?

To live is to risk.


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