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Mac Breck wrote:

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> Subject: TRUST THE GOP
> > >In an eerie example of B5 becoming real life, evidence is out today that
> > >conclusively proves that, as many of us have long suspected, the
> Republican
> > >Party is in fact an organization of evil, black-gloved, jack-booted
> fascists
> > >bent on using
> > >mind control techniques and subliminal messages to take over the world.
> ... and the Democrats just promise you everything.  Seems like a bribe for a
> vote.  The trouble with the Republican ticket is that it seems like
> Democrat-lite.
> > And, for disclaimers, I am not a Republican, although I have no love for
> Gore
> > either.
> Well, I *am* a Republican, and this is the first election that I've ever
> been tempted to *not* vote.  I really wish there was a "None of the above."
> selection to make, and that if "None of the above." won, we could have
> another Primary and select better candidates.  That said, I'd be happier
> now, if it was Cheney/Bush, not Bush/Cheney.
> Mac

There is always Libertarian.


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Date: 14 Sep 2000 15:42:52 -0700
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Jumping in with what will probably be my only thoughts on the issue....

I supported John McCain early on, even though I've traditionally voted
democrat, because I thought there was a man of great substance up there behind
the podium.  I don't believe in following party lines, I try to find the best
person for the job.

I think Gore is okay.  I'm not massively enthusiastic, I think we could've done
better on that count, but at the end of the day, he's okay.  I think he'll do a
decent, reasonable job.  

I definitely do NOT want GWB in office, for very strong reasons.

This is a man who said, when he was told that there might be a huge budget
shortfall in Texas as a result of his administration's choices, "Well,
hopefully I won't have to worry about that."  This is not a man who we should
put anywhere NEAR the White House.

Further, major corporations put up nearly $100 million bucks, the largest in
history, for his primary campaign.  Corporations like that don't put up money
at that level unless they think they're going to be getting something back in
exchange.  This is a man who is going to be absolutely beholden to big
business, as he was in Texas, where the first things he did was to provide a
massive tax break for big oil, and the "tort reform" he lauded later was a bill
to make it harder to sue corporations when they do bad stuff.

This is a man who is a total chameleon.  When McCain trounced him in one of the
primaries as a reformer, suddenly Bush came out with all these banners saying
HE was a reformer.  He co-opts the other guy's stance when the other guy is
ahead because he really has no other stance other than "I want the job."

He was packaged and picked because the party heads think Bush was a brand name
they could promote, and because he was well placed to get the southern vote. 
They picked him because of logistics, not because he was the best man for the

He's prissy, arrogant, brittle, not terribly bright, and if he gets anywhere
near the White House the damage he will do the country will, I believe, be


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