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> I think Gore is okay.  I'm not massively enthusiastic, I think we could've
> better on that count, but at the end of the day, he's okay.  I think he'll
do a
> decent, reasonable job.
> I definitely do NOT want GWB in office, for very strong reasons.
> This is a man who said, when he was told that there might be a huge budget
> shortfall in Texas as a result of his administration's choices, "Well,
> hopefully I won't have to worry about that."  This is not a man who we
> put anywhere NEAR the White House.

Are there references to this statement of Bush's? Not that I don't believe
you that he said that, but I'd like to read it in its context.

> This is a man who is going to be absolutely beholden to big
> business, [...]

That's the thing that I'm most afraid of about him. The thing about Gore is
that I'm sure he'll take his environmental policies, and some other Big
Government ideas, much farther than I'd care, even though I agree with him
on many of the basics.

I reiterate: with a dem in the white house, I want a republican congress,
but not a supermajority. With a republican there, the dems need to control
congress, under the same conditions.

> He's prissy, arrogant, brittle, not terribly bright, and if he gets
> near the White House the damage he will do the country will, I believe, be
> *substantial*.

Have you met Al Gore? I haven't. I'd appreciate your opinion of his


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>Are there references to this statement of Bush's? Not that I don't believe
>you that he said that, but I'd like to read it in its context.

Jeez, it was everywhere about a month ago...even showed up in Newsweek's Quotes
of the Week section.  I saw it when it first aired, and the context was this:
when Bush came in, there was a budget surplus which he said could be used for X
purposes and still give a whole bunch of tax breaks to major businesses in the
Texas area.  This year, due to those policies, there's expected to be a budget
*shortfall*, and no one yet knows just how bad that's going to be yet.  That's
not in contest by anyone, even Bush.  The final context was that he was asked
what he thought the shortall would be, and he said he hoped he woudn't have to
worry about (on the theory that he would be in the White House by then).

Now, THAT'S what I call responsible governing....


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