What's "ga" stand for in a chat?

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<<What's "ga" stand for in a chat?>>

Some chats use 'protocol' to aid the Moderator.  This is generally used, for
instance in a classroom situation where questions or comments are 'called on'
by the Moderator.  

" ? " means that the person has a question.

" ! " means that they have a comment.

" ga " means that the response ( or question or comment) is complete and it's
now sombody else's (usually the Moderator's) turn to type again. 

Usually you will see JMS use an ellipsis ( . . .) when he's sent part of his
response to the screen and ' ga ' when he's ready for another question.  I was
in a chat of his once where the Moderator didn't seem to know protocol and kept
sending another question before JMS was finished answering the last one.  Very

And btw, JMS, if you read this, it's so nice to be in a chat with a fast typist
doing the responding!!!

Hope this helps.


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>And btw, JMS, if you read this, it's so nice to be in a chat with a fast
>doing the responding!!

120 words per minute...and very few typos in any chat I do, which I'm kinda
dopily proud of.

And ga refers to "go ahead" with the next question.


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