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The word on "Spiral Zone"'s creator is out:


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>And while we're on the subject of your older stuff... I just 
>have to ask
> >(and from what I've heard, it wasn't a pleasant experience for 
> >those
> >involved)... Did you have anything to do (develop/story edit?) 
> >with
> >"Spiral Zone"?
> I wrote the pilot, then when I saw what they were going to do 
> with the show, I
> took my name off it and walked away from the show.  I think I 
> put on Fettes
> Grey as my pseudonym, which are the names of two grave robbers 
> from a well
> known piece of fiction.
> How the heck did you know about that one?
>  jms

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Except that it's erroneous; yes, I wrote the series bible and pilot, but then
took my name off and walked away when it went pear-shaped (as the brits say). 
So I'm not responsible for anything that appeared in the series.  I don't even
have a produced copy of the pilot episode I wrote.


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