It's official: JMS to write Amazing Spider-Man

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> >Congrats to both JMS and to Marvel. This is gonna be fun. :)
> So, is there any way to "subscribe" to this title?  My nearest comic
> shop is too far away to bother (I tried with Rising Stars... and got
> to issue three) and the only online seller I've located has a $5.00
> shipping fee per issue, which is kind of ridicolus.  I vaguely
> remember that some regular titles used to let you subscribe to them
> through the publisher, though... is there anything
> like that with "Amazing Spiderman"?

Yeah, you can get info at   and even do your
subscription on the site.  It doesn't seem to give you a choice of what
issue to start it with.

But it's not been decided yet what JMS' first issue will be, though.

scott tilson.
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>But it's not been decided yet what JMS' first issue will be, though.

Given the current backlog of scripts and material and how long it takes to turn
the rudder on these things, expect the first book under my aegis to be out
sometime in April.


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