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Alan Coleman Waltrip wrote:
> In all honesty, I stopped getting the book after Smith's run. While I'm a
> fan of Smith and comics in general, I was never really a big Daredevil fan.
> I do want to start getting it once the current storyline is over, though,
> because I hear it's still doing amazing things. I started getting X-Men
> again after Marvel rehired Claremont, but his stories were sadly rehashed
> story lines I had read in trade paperbacks from twenty years ago... 

That's because, IMO, Claremont is a hack and always has been. ALL of his
best work is with Writer/Artists (Cockrum, Miller, Byrne). Put him with
an artist who can't write (Sylvestri, Lee, Liefeld, etc) and his writing
quality decreases greatly. Coincidence? I think not.

> In
> hiring JMS, though, Marvel has boosted my confidence in them a bit more.

It can't hurt. Personally, I'm just tickled to have been able to
complete my Miller Daredevil run but JMS' Spidey is pretty cool so far.

> I've just recently gotten back into the DC game: Supes (which is actually
> very good), the main Bat books and Nightwing, along with Smith's new Green
> Arrow. It's so much better than it was ten years ago, back when I finally
> gave up on comics.

I uually enjoy JLA as well. Some great character bits, especially
between Supes and Bats. I haven't read too many comics from Marvel or
Decease in about 5 years or so but every once in a while something good
turns up(Preacher, Hitman, Spidey, JLA Year One, The Long Haloween).
> Anyways, I can't really answer your question because I didn't read any of
> the David Mack (is that right?) run of Daredevil...
> --Alan

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Really nice review of ASM 30 in this week's Entertainment Weekly, in the Books
section.  Just fyi....


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