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From: "Mac Breck" <macbreck at access995.com>
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Thinking ahead to this Fall, is there any "Babylon 5 - The Legend of the
Rangers - To Live and Die in Starlight" logo that we fans could access, to
help publicize the show?

We could put them on the inside of our car windows (like I've done since 4/8
for Crusade), post hardcopy pages on local physical bulletin boards, make
bumperstickers to put on our cars, etc.  The people who would see this kind
of thing is not dependent on having a PC, being computer literate, having an
ISP, or watching cable TV at the particular instant that a commercial is on.
If I have a window decal or bumper sticker on my car, it's visible 24 hours
a day, and you don't need a PC/ISP or TV to see it.

I'm just looking for *something* that we fans could put up in a "physical",
non-high-tech way, that would be visible to the average person when they're
out in the physical world, not on the web or in a newsgroup.

All of this could start *now*, *not* a week before the movie is scheduled to
air on Sci-Fi.  If they see it enough, it might stick in their mind, like a
catchy song.  It might help us to pull in more *new* fans.

Please think about it.  I suspect that there are a lot of us fans who would
love to help in this way.

Mac Breck
Vorlon Empire
Defender of Marcus and Lennier

Watch  "CRUSADE"
 8 PM on The Sci-Fi Channel
 Mon-Thurs. in April 2001, beginning 4/9

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I'll give it some thought.


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