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From: PsicopJeffG at webtv.net (Jeffrey Gustafson)
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I'm gonna catch hell for this, but...

Has there ever been a JMS fan club?  Is there anyone up to creating one?

Only reason I ask is that there are fan clubs for pretty much all the
actors and there was one for the show as a whole, so why not one for Joe
(considering the brunt of B5's fallowing and cult status center around
Joe.)  It could really be a fun waste of time... news and stuff on B5,
plus all of Joe's other projects.  It doesn't have to be a serious fan
club with membership dues and whatnot, just a stupid-fun site or

     -The Jeff

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Bester:"I'm a telepath.  Work it out." <*>

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>Has there ever been a JMS fan club?

Do law enforcement agencies count..?


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