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>> >Hey Folks,
>> >Wasn't Crusade supposed to air in the "correct" order?   Well, I can't
>help but
>> >notice that the captain already KNEW Lockley last week in "Each Night I
>> >of Home" and was just MEETING her last night at the medical convention on
>> >
>> >What's happening?
>> >
>> >Thanks
>> >Jennifer
>> >
>> >
>> My girlfriend noticed the same thing too.  I'm   gonna  visit
>> thestation.com or the crusade web page to find out.
>It isn't that complicated.  The original TNT airing order was only correct
>in terms of these continuity nits everyone is coming up with (and starting
>their own thread on, it seems).  In most other important ways it was not the
>best order.  The current SciFi order fixes those problems even though it
>introduces some continuity nits here and there.
>Plotwise, the SciFi order is still better, despite the uniform and dialogue
>problems that will naturally occur when a show's airing is changed around.

To be honest, and not basing this on a piece by piece inspection of dialogue, I
felt it seemed more _natural_ for Gideon and Lochley to meet in "Each Night..."
By the end of that episode, there was the possibility of something romantic
occring;  by the end of _Ruling from the Tomb_ Chanbers is noting that they
complete each other's lines!  Aand last night's episode, "Rules of the Game," is
clearly third of the lot.

Recalling the viewing order on TNT, I had many more problems with the Gideon /
Lochley stuff then than I do now.  At this point, after this set of eps on Sci
Fi, the arc between them seems MUCH more natural.


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The general *plot* order is the one that's now airing.  This is the order in
which people would have met.  When things got shuffled around, we had to do
things like add in voice-over lines like "good to see you again" in the episode
where they were first supposed to meet.


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