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Yes, say it ain't so!

> >From the Sci-Fi press release regarding the Crusade re-runs:
> "There are no plans to make new episodes of the show."
> Was the copywriter speaking out of turn, or is this the straight dope?
> Are none of the projects on the table a Crusade ressurection?
> If so, I would appreciate it if you could tell us now, so that we
> don't get our hopes up...
> I don't think that any of us have asked because we didn't want to jinx
> it,

Well, now you did.

> but I'll ask now: is Crusade truly dead?
> Thanks,
> -==Kensu==-

Suddenly, I'm remembering Dukhat's lines from "In the Beginning" when Delenn
asks him if he's saying that he's seen a Vorlon.  :-)


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There are no plans *at this time,* no.


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