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I can't remember where I heard it, probably my uncle, but I was told that
you spent a good amount of time planning Babylon 5. Not just the stories,
characters, and history but the technology and ships too. I was wondering
how you went about planning things. Like with the story information, did you
write an outline for the entire history then go back to make refinements
afterwards or let the show make the refinements?

My biggest questions come with the technologies. Anyone who frequents
R.A.S.S. will know the complexity of reconciling science with drama. So I
was wondering how Babylon 5's technology came about. Was the plan always to
have an Earth Alliance that relied upon centifical force? How did you come
up with the Gate system? Why hyperspace and not any of the other numerous
options that are pretty much out there.

Thanks for the answers, the time, and the show.

Later, J

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Date: 18 Feb 2001 23:22:20 -0700
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I basically took a historical perspective on the story, and just laid out the
basic events going about a thousand years back, and a thousand years forward in
fair detail, and thumbnailed-out the rest for about a million year period.

I alway figured that Earth would have pretty much the lowest tech level going
in, because that would make it more interesting, and preserve some of the
wonder of SF storytelling...you only get that sense of awe when somebody else
has something you don't.


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