[B5JMS] SPIDEY 32 - The Obvious Brilliance

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SPIDEY 32 - The Obvious Brilliance

	Gosh, darn it, Joe you did it yet again! I've always loved Spidey (although I
hadn't been a regular reader in many years) and this is easily the most thought
provoking Spider-Man story I've ever seen. 
	Why? Easy, because you are turning Spidey on its head by asking OBVIOUS
QUESTIONS! Things I can't believe I never thought about. When Peter was talking
to Eziekiel about his rogues gallery... **TWACK** I never noticed that before.
Or more precisely, I had NOTICED but I never, not even once, asked myself why
it was happening or what it meant. Just like Peter never asked those all
important questions. You have put us right in there with Peter, just as thrown
off and just as contemplative as he is right now. This is quite a wake up call.
	"Who are you? What do you want?" are certainly penetrating questions, ones
that need to be revisited regularly - thanks for once again raising them for

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Thanks, I'm having a ball doing the book.


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