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A bulletin board discussion about politics got out of hand, and the
topic was moved to another spot to soothe some nerves.  Someone
suggested a poll about religious beliefs to lighten the tensions (I
know, it sounds stupid, but you had to see the poll to understand) - and
it worked for awhile, yet people still found ways to be upset.

I don't usually let BB or NG discussions get me to the point that these
did.  I was trying to understand what was going on and suddenly the idea
came to me:  I must watch The Parliament of Dreams and I must do it
now.  I popped in the tape and afterwards I felt so much better.  In
spite of 7 rewinds, the last scene did not fail to produce chills each
time.  That night I slept like a baby.  Thanks ever so much to you and
Michael O'Hare.

Silly humans.

agnostically yours,
not the cricket that ruined all those shots  :)

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You're most welcome.


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