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How much input did you have on such books as the "Legions of Fire" series,
"Psi Corps" series and "Casting Shadows?"  They all say 'based on an
original outline by JMS."  I have read  "Legions" and I am getting ready to
start "Psi" and "Casting Shadows" (although I may wait until all the three
books are out for Casting).

"Legions" really seemed to flow well with what the tv show had set up.  It
was like having a whole other season of B5.

Thank you.

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I write a fairly detailed outline for each of the books, anywhere from 10-20
pages each.  (One, I think, hit 30 pages.)  So figure anywhere from 30 to 85
pages per trilogy, or thereabouts.  

It contains nearly all of the major beats, character moments and plot turns. 
Then the authors add in another layer in all three categories as connective
tissue and do all the heavy lifting of actually making it all *work*.


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