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Can't find that anyone mentioned has asked, so I'll ask. Have you read the
graphic novel "Nausicaa" by Hayao Miyazaki?

Miyazaki is one of those people who makes wonderous product for whatever
medium he chooses to work in. He wrote Nausicaa over ten years as a serial
for Animage, a Japanese anime magizine.

The story is set on earth, far in the future. The earth has been almost
totally destroyed a thousand year ago by mankind, and the small group of
humans left are trying to survive in a world still recovering from the
ancient destruction. Huge mutant forests cover most of the land, living off
the pollution still poisoning the earth.

The plot goes off to novel-level complexity so I'll stop there. A box set of
the whole series is available at www.viz.com

Miyazaki's other great contributions come in the anime department. Have you
seen the Japanese anime coming out of Studio Ghibli? Miyazaki's last and
best film as "Princess Mononoke", out on DVD if you haven't seen it .
Mononoke is certainly become the gold standard of anime, far above the rest
of the pack in showing how to make a animated "film", as opposed to just
being interesting animation.

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>Can't find that anyone mentioned has asked, so I'll ask. Have you read the
>graphic novel "Nausicaa" by Hayao Miyazaki?

No...I've tried repeatedly to get into manga and anime, but for whatever reason
I just can't get excited about it enough to stay with it.  


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