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> the station contained millions of tons of useful materials that could be
sold for scrap. <

And which *can* be now that it has been reduced to scrap.  A lot easier to
scoop all that material up when it is orbiting as debris than to manually
dismantle the place.  It's the difference between imploding a skyscraper and
taking one down with a wrecking ball.

This, of course, in addition to all of the cogent reasons about EarthGov's
attitude towards Sheridan and the Alliance given in other responses to this
thread and in numerous others written after every *other* broadcast of "SiL"



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1) Remember that this was the cheapest of all the B5 stations, it wasn't built
to last forever.

2) You'd have to go through that thing and pull out literally tens of miles of
computer equipment, sensors, records, and other material before you could sell
it to anybody.  Not to mention all the remaining weapons systems.

3) It's now like a town bypassed by the railroad...the IA now does most of what
B5 was intended to do.  So as Zack says, nobody comes there anymore.  The cost
to maintain it in the lack of supporting business is heinous in the extreme. 
So do you set guards to something that nobody uses anymore?  Pay all the money
to pull out all the classified stuff you don't want removed intact by salvage

Or do you just spend a few bucks to blow it up, the way folks blow up old
buildings now?


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