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Hi Joe,

I know I've written this to you and the forum in the past, but I have to say
it again.

This was a *really* *good* story. Thank you for taking the time and effort
out of your life to fight to tell it. My wife and I watched SiL together
yesterday afternoon. It keeps having the same impact on us. By the time the
scene rolls around where John and Delenn part for the last time, we're both
a puddled mess of emotion on the floor in front of the T.V.

Also, these comments:

During the first run of B5, we in the Cincinnati area didn't get the final
four of season 4, and in my opinion, the scheduling disaster TNT made airing
season 5 made it seem like a disjointed thing, compared to the rest of B5.
Seen back to back against the other seasons, one ep a day 'till it's done,
season 5 makes a lot more sense, takes its rightful place in the series, and
buttons up the whole five year run very nicely.

For instance, it's much easier to see the progression Lennier takes from
callow wide eyed and loyal assistant through all of the stages until he
betrays Sheridan in _Objects at Rest_. When I think about Lennier, I can't
get the image of him standing, silent in the cheering crowd, when Sheridan
gives his speech after surprising everyone returning from Z'ha'dum.

Seen one ep a day, instead of one a week, makes the threads in season 5 seem
to have a better pace. The telepath crisis moves much faster, and therefore
makes much more sense. The aside episodes (like _A View from the Gallery_,
or _The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father_) carry a more proper
significance. And so forth.

It's as if you intended for this show to be aired at 7 p.m. every day on
cable from the very beginning...

Anyway, *good* story. We really enjoyed it.


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>It's as if you intended for this show to be aired at 7 p.m. every day on
>cable from the very beginning...

Yes and no.  No particular time slot was conceived of, but I wrote this with an
eye to knowing what happens to series in syndication: they end up being
stripped daily.  So I knew it would end up being seen this way, and that was
going to be the preferred way of both watching and writing it.  It's when you
see it that way that it actually works best, because the threads in the garment
are pulled closer together, rather than years apart, and you can see the
connections and the patterns more clearly.

>Anyway, *good* story. We really enjoyed it.



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