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Congratulations on the new B5 movie project about the Rangers.  Sounds great!

Hmmm....it's set three years after the final season of B5, right?  This would
be 2 years prior to the events in "A Call to Arms" and "Crusade."  If I am not
mistaken, the Ranger movie would be set approximately during the period of The
Telepath War, correct?

The last I heard, Netter Digital Entertainment, which handled the CGI effects
for all of the previous B5 films, the last two seasons of B5, and Crusade, went
the way of the dinosaurs.  Will you be hiring or forming a new CGI team to
handle the Ranger film?  Animal Logic, the CGI firm that handles Sci Fi's
"Farscape," has done some astonishing stuff.  Any chance that Animal Logic will
be approached?


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>Will you be hiring or forming a new CGI team to
>handle the Ranger film? 

Yes, we'll be looking to employ a new EFX firm, probably in the Vancouver area.


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