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In the letters to the editor in my local newspaper yesterday someone
explained that:

'The fossil fuel lobby does not want the general public to discover that
there is a cheap and abundant noncarbon fuel available for all of our energy
needs. It's called water. It can be dissociated into hydrogen and oxygen.
The hydrogen can be run through fuel cells to produce electricity, or burned
for high temperature needs, and in both cases the only exhaust is harmless
H2O! Instead of scientists at [University name withheld to avoid
embarrassing my hometown by revealing this pinhead as a resident] working on
ways to control carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion, they should be
working on catalysts or other means to dissociate water easily and quickly,'

Even if you don't have a formal education in engineering or science, isn't
it intuitively obvious that it takes as much energy (if not more, due to
inefficiency) to break apart the water molecule as you get back by
recombining it? Otherwise you would be getting get something for nothing.
This guy expects to produce free energy by the use of magical catalysts or
'some other means' devised by scientists. Must be a Trek fan.

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>Subject: pseudoscience
>From: "Ed Gruberman"


(Always wanted to do that....)


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