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From: "John Hill" <snowheel at bellsouth.net>
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I was just curious: on what subjects do you write outside of the sci-
fi/fantasy/horror genre?


John T. Hill
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>I was just curious: on what subjects do you write outside of the sci-
>fi/fantasy/horror genre?

Not that terribly much anymore, to be honest.  Most of what I used to do in
other areas came by way of journalism...used to work for the LA Times, the LA
Herald Examiner, San Diego Magazine, TIME Inc., the LA and San Diego Readers,
Writer's Digest and others...varyingly as columnist, contributing editor,
special correspondent...doing features, reviews, columns, interviews, that sort
of thing.

At the moment, in my copious spare time, I'm writing a medieval play (which
I've been working on for quite some time, and will which probably continue to
take a good long time to finish because it's that kind of play) and I'm about
150 pages into writing a mainstream novel, which I figure I'll be able to
finish during the coming writer's strike (which doesn't cover prose).

One of my mainstream stories to come out recently is "We Killed Them in the
Ratings," which though horrific isn't technically a horror story.


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