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<< >> A man walks into a bar.  He says, "Ow."

>I prefer a horse walks into a bar and the Bartender says "Why the long

A technomage walks down the street and turns into a bar. >>

A man walks into a bar with a lizard on his shoulder. The bartender asks what
he wants. 

The man replies, " A beer for me and one more for Tiny."

The bartender asks, "Why do you call him 'Tiny'?"

The man replies, "Because he's my newt."



What are you, an audience or an oil painting?

<cricket, cricket, cricket>

"We all have our little faults; mine's in California."
Lex Luthor

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>A man walks into a bar with

A nun, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar.  The bartender says, "What is
this, a joke?"


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