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Jms at B5 <jmsatb5 at aol.com> wrote:
>Then next week's episode is a big arc ep, "Firewall," which I wrote as kind of
>this season's answer to B5's "Signs and Portents," where we really kick the
>year one arc into high gear.  If you're looking for a good place to jump on,
>this might be it.  We really kick over some tables with this one.

   Sounds good. To be honest, the one-shots have been getting a bit
tiresome. Everyone in the group I watch it with agreed they liked the pilot
the best of the episodes to date, just in terms of having more time to
develop plot and characters and such than a one-shot 45 minute ep allows.
There's also kind of a feeling we have that there's been a bit too much
speechifying that hasn't really been earned, or at least, which came a
little too abruptly to really work for us. Personally, I thought "And the
Ground, Sown With Salt" was a powerful ep, albeit a bit predictable. And we
all dig the Burners, and are looking forward to seeing more of them.
   We did have a question about last week's episode, "The Bag": (this
probably bears spoiler space)

What was the last thing Jimmy says to Jeremiah, in response to Jeremiah 
asking him "where?" Were we supposed to be able to catch that? It sounded
like it could conceivably have been "Valhalla," but I haven't had a chance
to go back over the tape, so I could have been totally making that up.
   In any case, thanks for the show, I've been enjoying it.


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>What was the last thing Jimmy says to Jeremiah, in response to Jeremiah 
>asking him "where?"

It was the location they visited in "City of Roses."

BTW, there are clips from each upcoming episode at www.sho.com at the jeremiah
area, and you'll find an interesting one there with Ezekiel from "Firewall."


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