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As I'd mentioned in an earlier note, the episode of Jeremiah that airs this
Friday the 3rd of May, "Journeys End in Lovers Meeting," is one of my favorites
to date.  For those who know my work it's kind of a different sort of creature
than I've done before...it's almost fanciful or fairy tale in feeling, but with
teeth behind the softness and an ending that I think will lead to a lot of
heated debate.

One of the things I like best about this episode is the look of it.  We were
knee deep in snow when we shot this thing, and the pure white landscape gives
the whole episode an almost unreal quality.  It also has one of the best
performances to date from Malcolm Jamal-Warner, whose role is very important in
this episode.

Anyway, it's a good one, and I highly recommend it.


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