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From: "Joseph DeMartino" <jdemarti at bellsouth.net>
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You haven't mentioned the topic since the day TV movie disc #1 went on
sale in the U.S., and I was wondering if there was anything new you were
cleared to tell us.  Reliable sources are talking about a full season
boxed set of S1 "in the fall", and there are reports that fans asking
for a release similar to "The X-Files" or "ST:TNG" will be "pleased",
but no hard information from WHV as yet.  (Oh, and there are the usual
rumors that the DVD release plans have been scrapped entirely, probably
a misunderstanding of Columbia House's decision not to do their planned
subscription release, but I'm discounting those.)

Just wanted to know if there was anything you could tell us, or if WHV
has even kept you in the loop on what they're doing.  (Understand that
"Jeremiah" and other projects have rightly taken up most of your time,
but am hoping that you've been able to spare some thought for the
"archival" version of "B5")



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Date: 27 Apr 2002 22:01:47 GMT
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There's nothing that I can share at this time that would not preclude others in
the food chain from doing the same on this subject.


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