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> > (Just because JMS _can_ direct doesn't mean that he wants to be a
> > professional director -- though I suppose it _might_ be a way to
> > assure the integrity of any future B5 theatrical film.)
> >
> I can imagine jms read that and another hair turned gray.  He continually
> says he wants (loves? needs?) to write and that being the producer is a
> boring necessity.  As a director, all the annoyances of early mornings
> during SIL would be nothing to a 30 day shoot for a theatrical movie (plus
> pre and post production).  He might give up Hollywood altogether after
> that.  Still, might be one hell of a movie.
Well JMS has learnt a few tricks to avoid these problems; like
make the film anywhere in the world, except Hollywood.

Andrew Swallow

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I've actually written a number of features for various companies and studios,
including a feature a while ago for Ivan Reitman, another for London Films, and
I did the Rising Stars feature adapatation.  I'm also very close to another
feature assignment, which I'll know more about in a few weeks.  It may or may
not go through, but if it does it'll be mighty cool.

But producing movies means mainly being the fund-raiser, the guy who spends
days and nights putting together deals and getting financing, and to be honest,
I'd rather have root canal.  Daily.


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