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On Thu, 05 Dec 2002 18:35:49 GMT, Theodrake <edbruce at yahoo.com> wrote:

>As far as JMS is concerned I'm not sure. Jerry seems to have some problem 
>with him and it appears he thinks JMS lied to him. Maybe. But I'm not 
>sure. To me the article just didn't cover what he was lied too about and 
>who he believes lied to him. All I can really gather is he really liked 
>the cast and crew, and would love to do something with all of them again, 
>but he won't do anything with B5 again.

You also have to remember how extremely callous and insensitive JMS
was to Andrea Thompson near the end of season 2; she was also Jerry's
wife at the time. Of course his feeling for JMS isn't going to be all


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>You also have to remember how extremely callous and insensitive JMS
>was to Andrea Thompson near the end of season 2

And, may I ask, where were you at the time?  Were you at the stage?  Were you
privy to conversations?  On what do you base this?

She wanted more screen time, at what would have been at the expense of the
overall arc of the story. I couldn't comply.  She chose to leave.  There has
never been any dispute about any of this as far as I've ever seen.

So I suggest you either retract that statement, or back it up, because I don't
much like it when I get libeled by someone who doesn't have the first clue what
he's talking about, stating things as though they were fact.


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