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If you think there are homoerotic bits in He-Man (which I couldn't tell 
you, being a childless adult during that decade and so managed to avoid 
pretty much *all* cartoons), go watch the first few episodes of Astro 
Boy, from the 60's... I saw 5 of them at Worldcon last year, and they 
really skated very close to robopedophilia - it was scary...
-WEndy of NJ

Scott wrote:

> I was watching "I Love the 80's" on VH1 Tuesday night and the 1982 
> episode talked about He-Man and how it can be perceived in a Homo Erotic 
> manner.  Now, I admit I watched it a few times way back when but I never 
> picked up on the Homo Erotic aspect of the show.  But during the VH1 
> show, the scenes they showed can be interpreted as to make you wonder 
> about  He-Mans sexuality.
> Joe, was He-Mans sexual preference a factor when writing for the show 
> during your tenure?  Or is this something that today using 20/20 hind 
> sight the producers of "I Love the 80's" decided to interpret to raise 
> controversy?
> Scott

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I always figured he had kind of a thing for Orko, personally....


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