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Joe, I would imagine you already know about this, but more than likely a lot
of your fans do not.  Joe Quesada, your EIC at Marvel, has written a
Christmas song.  It is available as an mp3 download.  You are mentioned in
the lyrics, along with most of the writers and artists at Marvel.  The song
is kind of like a commercial for Marvel, but nevertheless, it shows a side
of Joe Quesada that I didn't know existed.  I think it is a nice tribute to
all of the creative folks who make comics possible.  Any comments?

Song is here:


Lyrics are here:


Newsarama article is here:



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Yeah, I saw it, it's kinda fun....

BTW, for those following the comics, Spidey 46 and 47 came out over the last
month or so, and 48 is due out this coming week.  

I've just finished going over the balloon placements on 49, and in some ways,
though this has the least amount of action, it's my favorite issue to
date...there are a lot of laugh-out-loud pages, and some real emotion, and it
follows up on what I wanted to do from the start, to really build up Peter's
character, get to the core of who he is.  This builds on that foundation and
takes it to the next level.  I'm just real happy with it.

I should have 51 turned in shortly.


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