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> Um..Joe has many projects.  He's a busy guy.

Never said he wasn't.

> I'm just glad to have so much output to chose from!

I'm glad to see multiple formats of his work as well.

> I think you're being a little petty here.

1) Unless a comic otherwise states, it is assumed to be monthly.
2) The comic collector's I am refering to care nothing of JMS's other
work.  One suggested he stop writing TV shows to get his comics out on
3) I have seen how late comics kill titles and/or writers/artists
because comic fans give up because there are other titles to pick up.

I know the audience here is JMS faithful.  I'm JMS faithful, hopefully
having cable installed in time to see the Ranger's show.  If it wasn't
for the Rangers show, I would not consider getting cable.

I posted because there are those who are being introduced to his
material for the first time.  The impression he is giving to some is
he can't keep his monthly commitment (though the commitment is
"implied").  That can turn off some who only collect comics.

> He doesn't owe us anything, really.

Nope.  He doesn't.

> He's producing good stories, quality writing.

That is what may keep some of the new reader's around.  He is telling
a good story.

> What more do you want for Ghu's sake?

Not much.  If he does do another series, I ask that he state that it
may not be monthly right up front to deal with the idea of the
"implied" monthly magazine.  Some collectors will role with that. 
Powers isn't monthly and it does well.  In the inside cover where the
legal info is, I do not recall it saying it is a monthly issue.  There
isn't even a date there.

> He's already given us a decade of his life, sweat and tears with B5.  I hope he takes lots of time to do things other than writing.  Hang out with his wife and friends.  Maybe see a movie or two.  

I hope he does too.

> Me, I'll take whatever comes whenever it comes.  Besides, I have huge stack of books by other folks to read and enjoy.

Same here.

I knew it talking to the choir here.  In no way was I trying to imply
that can JMS be perfect on the release or writing of comics.  I wanted
to bring a different perspective that the JMS choir and faithful may
not see.

Daniel S.

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>The impression he is giving to some is
>he can't keep his monthly commitment (though the commitment is
>"implied").  That can turn off some who only collect comics.

But see, this is where it gets to the part that pisses me off.

Lemme put this into perspective here for a moment, okay? 

I began writing and selling when I was 17 years old.  Fresh outta high school.

I have been writing, and selling, for 30 years.  In all those 30 years, I have
never missed a deadline...until this past summer, when I got gang-deadlined. 
And, as I write this, I'm now on schedule with the scripts for Rising Stars,
and I'm 2 scripts ahead with both Midnight Nation and Spider-Man.  It was a
momentary glitch.  And in the course of that glitch, ASM was only delayed a few
weeks, coming out 6 weeks after the one preceding in one case, with the one
thereafter appearing 7 weeks later instead of 4-5.  The main hit was to the
Joe's Comics titles, where I figure I have some latitude.

It just grinds my butt that here I meet all my deadlines for 30 years, never
missing a beat, and because of this one glitch, now regained, I've had people
bitching about how I should give up the book, how I'm alluvasudden

So may I take it that those involved have never been late for work, ever?  Have
never had to say to the wife and kids, "Listen, I know I promised we'd go to
the beach this weekend, but I'm loaded up with work, we'll have to do it

They demand a perfection in others they do not require of themselves.  And
that's the part that galls.  I've been meeting my deadlines on time for longer
than most of these people have been *alive*.

Thirty years of punctual work and it's all dismissed because of one situation
like this, which in the case of ASM meant a difference of only 2-3 weeks

Let he who has never, ever missed a deadline or had to postpone something give
me shit about it.  Otherwise, I have 29 and a half years on 'em.


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