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>I've been reading all the reviews on both sides of the fence here and
>have even made a few comments of my own.  The one thing, however that I
>haven't seen are people saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
>Your fans have been been like Pavlov's dogs waiting for the next
>installment in the B5 universe and you have definitely delivered. 
>Whether this becomes a series or not, just seeing another installment is
>absolutely fantastic.  
>Again, Thank you very much for a job well done.  Take a rest and we'll
>await future developments.

What he said!!!

Many thanks for this latest piece of the Babylon 5 universe!
Hopefully it will lead to much more, and sometime soon. But if
not, it was well worth watching on its own merits.

I'll also throw in thanks here for the latest Rising Stars (I knew
we hadn't seen the last of a certain individual) and Delicate

And I think it's a given that I am looking forward to Jeremiah
more than ever!

Lots of new JMS work around these days -- a very good thing!


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Thanks muchly.


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