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Okay, so here's the deal.  There are now three episodes remaining of Jeremiah's
first season, "A Means to an End," by Sara Barnes, and the two part "Things
Left Unsaid" by yr obdnt srvnt.

The first is a quieter, more personal story but also sets up what's going to
happen in the two-parter, and the latter (directed by Mike Vejar, our good luck
charm on B5 who did our best episodes) is pretty much nonstop intensity and
action and character stuff end to end.

Though we're already doing well, it would be great to go out on a real bang
ratings wise, so I'm going to try an experiement.  If every B5 viewer who sees
this can get the word to every other viewer who gets Showtime normally (I
wouldn't sign up just for this, that's fiscally imprudent) to watch the next
three episodes, that would be terrific.  I think that would be sufficient to
kick us over the edge into a sure renewal for year two.

And they're fun episodes on their own rights, even if you haven't seen the show
before.  Though "Means" is, again, a quieter episode, there's one scene in it
that will have just about any SF fan worth his/her salt rolling on the floor. 
I can pretty much guarantee you it's something you haven't seen before.

As for "Things Left Unsaid," of all the things I've written and produced, this
may be the best thing I've ever been involved with, from a production
standpoint and much of the writing.  We kind of got pulled back a bit after the
events of 9/11 put a damper on the television business in terms of the kinds of
stories one can tell, but we really got this puppy back up on the rails again
with the two parter, which is emblematic of what we'll do in a second year.

Anyway...just a call out from here to B5 fandom, to see if it's still there, so
we can get together one more time on a biggie.



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