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Today we finished mixing the last of the Jeremiah two-parter.  It's killer. 
Year one is finished; now we await word on year two.

For those who might want to take a look...I did a small piece for the San Diego
Comic Convention website about, well, SDCC.  It's a short but fun piece that
should be up in the next day or so at www.comic-con.org

Also did an introduction to Fiona Avery's newest graphic novel, WITCHBLADE:
OBAKEMONO, which hits comics stores soon.  The novel is some of her best work
to date, and the intro "Of Samurai, Bulldogs and Applied Mathematics" is just
for fun.

If you haven't gotten in your story/email/message/whatever on a favorite B5
quote (what it is, why it resonated, what it or the show in general meant, what
meaning can be derived from it) for the upcoming quote book -- "But In Purple
I'm Stunning, Quotations from Babylon 5," the door on submissions will be
closing soon.  Notes can be sent to b5quotes at yahoo.ca

Finally, I'm writing an intro for the B5 DVDs, which are proceeding along well
and this should prove to be a very nice little package.

(Okay, I lied, one last-last thing...after the 12th of July or so there will
likely be a small announcement from WB that's B5 related.  Can't comment more
than that, and it isn't anything major a la a new series or a movie or the
like, but I suspect a certain sub-set of B5 fandom will be most pleased by the

As of this coming February 22nd, it'll be ten years since "The Gathering"
aired.  Boy, that damned tempus just keeps on fugiting, doesn't it?


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