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Hi Joe,

Thanks for the cool story.  Midnight Nation is my personal favorive of your
comic stories, being that it was more mystical, and less super-hero.  The
series had an early peak with issue #4, then just built steadily until
issues #11 and #12.  Wow, what incredible emotional impact #12 had.

Great job!

Can you tell your fans if there has been any interest in adapting Midnight
Nation for TV or the big screen?  Sometimes when I was reading it, I
envisioned Robert Patrick as David Grey, and someone like Jennifer Lopez or
Christina Ricci as Laurel.  I know that's a pipe dream, but I would think
there would be genuine interest from the film industry for Midnight Nation.
Have you had any offers?

Thanks again,


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Date: 16 Jun 2002 03:25:59 GMT
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Thanks.  Midnight Nation is probably my favorite comics work to date because
there's a lot in it that I consider personal, it's a personal kind of story in
many ways.  Even I can't read the last few pages, knowing what went before,
without losing it.

There have been some inquiries about optioning MN, but I've deliberately held
off listening to anything until the story was complete.  I wanted nothing to
get in the way of just telling this story.  Now that it's done, I'll be happy
to listen.  It was a long journey and a hard write, but I think it was, and is,
one of the more worthwhile things I'e done lately.


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