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> You speak for them about as accurately as you speak for the prima
ballerina of
> the Bolshoi.
> As for the rest, as noted, I'm currently 4-5 scripts ahead.  In
another couple
> of weeks I'll be 5-6 scripts ahead.
> But you'll always be a dunderhead.
> I can live with that deal.
>  jms

Defensive much? :)  I'm sure it gets old.  The impatience is largely due
to the quality of your work, not so much whether just "any old book" is
on time (well, to most people, maybe not the person you are replying to
here).  As you say, the sales figures speak for themselves.  The
original point, where people who don't know anything about you or your
other work (a vast majority of those 100,000 if I had to guess), only
know that ASM has been "late", still holds true.  I'm not damning you
with faint praise and/or backhanded compliments here, just making a
point.  I look forward to the rest of your ASM run and to your new
project next year as well.  And I have to add that the scene last issue
with Spidey walking down the wall talking to that guy was classic!

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>Defensive much? :)  I'm sure it gets old.  

Nah...actually, I kinda have fun with it.

>And I have to add that the scene last issue
>with Spidey walking down the wall talking to that guy was classic!

Thanks.  My job is just to write down what this guy does...and some of it's
pretty damned funny at times.  Which is one of the things I've worked to do
with the new run, get back some of the real humor of the book and the


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