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It had to happen sooner or later...with so many message boards and posts asking
"What's your favorite B5 quote?" a book of Babylon 5 quotes was inevitable.

So "But In Purple I'm Stunning: Quotations from Babylon 5" is coming out from
an independent publisher later this year.  The book will also contain sections
dedicated to fan choices for best/favorite quote.  Fans of Babylon 5 are
invited to send in their favorite quote, and why it's a favorite.  The best of
these emails will be culled for the book, and along the way this will determine
the #1 favorite quote.

In particular, the book will be looking for anecdotes/stories from fans about
what a given quote, or what the show, meant to them in particular.  There are a
lot of people who have found comfort or meaning in the show, or found it helped
them get through some of life's problems.  (An example I sometimes cite at
conventions was the young man dying of aids who asked his sister to put all of
G'Kar's speeches about hope and never giving up on tape so he could listen to
them at his bedside.)

It needn't be a heavy story, just one that has meaning for the person involved,
can be a funny story, whatever.  Basically the goal is to find the intersection
where the show and its message and its words touched people.

All contributions will be considered free to use by virtue of being submitted
for this project.

So if you have such an anecdote/story/message about a favorite quote or the
show in general, send it to the following address (rather than replying to
this, since I'll just have to forward it on in any event):

b5quotes at yahoo.ca



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