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Firstly.  I am not soliciting you for work directly so please don't think I

I have just bought the Region 1 version of B5 DVD Season 1 and was really
disappointed with the menus.

I run a company in the UK who specialise in cool DVD menus (We've done a few
Gerry Anderson productions) and wondered who I should contact at Warners so
I could send them a sample of what we could do instead.

In the UK some Sc-Fi series have come out on DVD like Dr Who, UFO and soon
Blakes Seven (that got your interest), and they have been produced on the
whole in co-operation with fans who are 'in the business'.
This of course means that you get that dedication to work you wouldn't
normally get, and they do it for peanuts too.  Cos they love it.

The same goes for all of us here and B5.

we want the DVD's to rock.

So.  Any pointers would be enormously appreciated



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All this stuff is done by WB in-house.


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