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From: "Joseph DeMartino" <jdemarti at bellsouth.net>
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I went to a local CostCo to check the price - sold out.  Local
Wal-Mart - sold out.  When I didn't see it in the "new releases" aisle
at Best Buy I asked an employee who immediately recognized the name and
took to a new area for TV shows on DVD.  They had a couple of rack slots
labelled for it, but only three copies left in one of them.  The disc
was as high as #9 on the Amazon.com sales rank this week, and it has
generally been in the top 50 ever since it was made available for
pre-order in August.  I has been in Total Action Universe's Top 10 for
nearly as long, and was their top seller for a couple of days, drawing
more pre-orders than either the "X-Files" or "ST:TNG" sets due out the
same day.

Maybe you need to move. <g>



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All I'll say is that Warners is, apparently, stunned.


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