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Some interesting news, folks.  Sean Astin to join the cast, among
other things.


This will be interesting.  I wonder if the spoiler, re Jeremiah being
in captivity (for a while?  based on the info in the article), is
right?  Sometimes these things are screwed up.

Also, I can't believe they've yet to renew Odyssey 5.  I thought that
was their "hit".

Lisa Coulter

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>Some interesting news, folks.  Sean Astin to join the cast, among
>other things.

Here's the funny thing, and how I knew that Sean would be added to the cast the
moment I heard his name in the running.

Understand that I have not only never worked with a Sam before, I've never even
MET a Sam prior to the past year.  Never used anyone in a script named Sam
(once a Samuel, but that's about it).

I wrote a character named Sam into the Jeremiah pilot.

Next thing you know we hired Sam Egan.

Now on board comes Samm Barnes.

And who does Sean play in LoTR?  Sam.

I'm up to my ass in Sams here.


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