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> > Jms at B5 <jmsatb5 at aol.com> wrote:
> >: However, another RPG company has just come on board with ideas on 
> >: to come up with some very cool stuff.  More on this at a later point.

More to the point..B5 Wars isnt an RPG (it is a tactical starship combat game) 
and those people playing it wont play an RPG ..its apples and oranges. In 
addition since AOG has been on the "support Babylon 5 Bandwagon" for 
almost 10 years this is slap in the face to the loyal B5 followers that bought 
into this game and promoted it.

I will not support,buy or endorse any new B5 product IF it was produced at 
the expense of a long time B5 supporter (ie AOG). Cool or not ............

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I apologize if this seems kind of harsh, but this sounds kind of
crappy.  AoG has been keeping the B5 faith since the second season of
Babylon 5 was on the air.  When everyone else folded and bailed, they
kept sending royalty checks.  Year in, year out, the money flowed in
to WB.  They recently started a game of ground combat for the B5
universe, showing us stuff that we'll never see on TV and making it
fit the limited info from the show.  They worked hard and fleshed out
the B5 universe.  Now, either WB made a mistake when they said that
there were no contracts (keeping the pending rpg in mind) and AoG
should be getting a nice letter from WB or (as I suspect) they simply
got dropped when someone else came along.  Never mind how many years
of loyalty to B5, just unceremoniously dropped with products still in
development.  I understand that money is the main thing, it just is
unpleasant to be reminded that it's the only thing.


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>I will not support,buy or endorse any new B5 product IF it was produced at 
>the expense of a long time B5 supporter (ie AOG). Cool or not

The one has never had anything to do with the other.  I think WB's decision,
and it was their decision, came down to a sense that the license was just sort
of dormant and not growing over at AoG, and that the time and resources
involved were not equal to what was coming back financially.

But the licenses are non-competitive; one doesn't preclude the other since, as
you note, one is an RPG and the other, AOG game, is a tactical starship combat
game.  You don't have to cancel the one to do the other, one has nothing to DO
with the other.  You could have both going at the same time, or one, the other,
or none.

My comment was in response to the statement that NO new licenses are being
given out, which is patently false.  In addition to the RPG, there are other
licenses also under current discussion.


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