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From: velovich at aol.com (V-Man)
Date: 07 Apr 2003 06:29:20 GMT
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>I'm sorry, but I refuse to shut up about this anymore.


>Almost every 
>general statement, like the one above, that you have made about yourself 
>in this thread has been patently untrue. 

  And you know this due to a handful of messages on a USENET group?  Sorry, but
you are simply not in a position to make such assumptions about my character.

>You simply refuse to believe others when they tell you, in plain, 
>unambiguous English, what their beliefs on a given issue are. 

   I somebody says they believe something, I have no doubt they do.  Wether
that belief is grounded in *fact* is a whole differnt issue.
   There are folks that think the Earth is flat.  When they say that, I give
them the benefit of the doubt that this is thier actual belief.  i do not
agree, but i do not thik they don't believe it.

>You call 
>them dishonest because you refuse to accept what they are *telling* you 
>about themselves, simply because it isn't what you want to hear.

   When I see on CNN that Iraq has launched over 10 el Samoud missiles,
patently prohibted by the UN agreements with Iraq, 
  and then I see somebody here say that Iraq has NOT broken the UN agreements, 
  I might come to the conclusion that they are dishonest, since all *I* did to
learn these facts is turn on CNN.  I don't do that much research on this issue,
I don't need to.  

  If I accuse someone of having "horse blinders" on and ignoring facts, it is
because they appear, in my perspective, to be doing just that.

  If you can't follow that, it isn't my fault.

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From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
Date: 08 Apr 2003 03:02:49 GMT
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>When I see on CNN that Iraq has launched over 10 el Samoud missiles,
>patently prohibted by the UN agreements with Iraq, 

Actually, according to a report in the London Times, the missiles used were NOT
 on the list of prohibited weapons, sorry. Which is why nobody else has pursued
this since first raising the spectre of this.

>and then I see somebody here say that Iraq has NOT broken the UN agreements, 

As someone who says "cite your source," please show me the message that states
this.  From anybvody here.  Because *I* sure as hell haven't seen anybody
contest that point.

You made the point of saying people here are being dishonest or disingenuous. 
So I'm saying that you're doing the same thing in that comment that you accuse
others of doing.

So: produce the comment you cite here, or withdraw your statement.  Show your
work.  Google can search everything here.

C'mon...pony up or withdraw the statement.


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